Thursday, August 17, 2006

McDonalds Snack Wrap!

Ever wonder what would happen if KFC and Taco Bell got together to make something (seeing how those two are always next to each other [well, duh, it's owned by Pepsi])

Well I've never wondered about it since I don't really care for either. But today, I decide to give McDonalds' new Snack Wrap a try.
It's $1.29 and what you get is a Fried Chicken Soft Taco.

How does it Taste?
Well, taste just like a Fried Chicken Soft Taco. Chicken was crispy. The ranch sauce combined with the cheese and lettuce made it taste almost like a salad.
It's also kinda small (well for me). If you're getting it just for lunch, suggest you get 3-4 of them.

Like I said, not a big fan of KFC or Taco bell so the Snack Wrap was just OK in my book.
I can imagine if I was really hungry and need a snack, I would get one. But as a meal, nope.
Not sure if McD is targeting Blacks/Hispanics with this, but it sure seems that way. Even in their commercial the only one eatting one is a black man while the white people goes crazy for missing out on their 'snack'