Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cruise on Oprah Remix

Perhaps the funniest remix of the "Couch Incident" on Oprah with Tom Cruise


This is when Tom goes "Crazy" over Katie Homes on the Oprah Show.

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Party Belt!

Guys, what happens when you go clubbing (dancing) with a gal?

They make you hold their crap cause they got no pockets in their skimpy outfits!
That leaves you with pockets full of crap.

Also, they have these new (gay) LED Buckles that you can wear while clubbing and it'll display messages (might as well spell FLAMING) What an useless idea! (google them on the right)

Ok, Those two inspired me to create a neat way to hold stuff WHILE looking fashionable as well!

Here are the materials you'll need.

(click picture to enlarge)

Bic pen
#4-40 1/2" Round Head Slotted Bolts and nuts
cigarette case
Leather belt
1/8 steel/aluminum rod (or big coat hanger)
Pliers and dremel (with drill bit and cutoff wheel)

Project price: $15 bux and up (depending what you buy)

Cigarette Case was found on ebay for like 5 bux. Average price for one is like 10-20.
Leather belt can be found in most stores or online (use the google search on the right)
Rod, bolt and nuts can be found at Home Depot. Or you can use a thick coat hanger instead of the rod.

Ok, start by cutting the steel rod to length. We want to make a Square loop where the width is the width of the belt, and the height is the 2x thickness of the belt + thickness of case.

Ok bend the rod to a U shape so that the bottom of the U is the same width of the belt.
This can be done by snapping the belt around the rod and then bending it.

Measure the width on one end of the case and drill two 1/8" holes. Use a Nail Set (or Phillips screwdriver) and hammer to create a dent so drill bit doesn't go all over the place.

Insert the bent rod thru the holes and bend them down to secure it.
TIP: Bend the rod to a loop first, then unbend it. This will create a memory so that you can easily bend it when you insert it. It is very tricky to bend 1/8" rod by hand while it's in the case.

Now you got a loop on one end to hold the belt.

(click picture to enlarge)

Ok, now on to the buckle 'knob' which will pop into the belt holes.
The 'knob' on a regular buckle looks like this |>0 An orb on top of a cone, where the orb will pop into the belt hole, securing the buckle to the belt.

The easiest method I found was to use a #4 bolt (7/64" bolt, 1/2 long)
which looks like this |=D The head forms a half orb, so it'll pop into the belt hole easily and secure it. Popping it out isn't as easy as a orb, but it'll do. NOTE: Find the bolt that'll fit your belt hole.

To protect the belt from the bolt's threading, we'll use a bic pen.

we'll need this part only

(click picture to enlarge)

I found this part to fit the #4 bolt the best and it's a good length as well. (Plus it's cheap)
So just pull apart the pen, pull the ink reservoir and soak up the left over ink in the tip.
Use an exacto knife and cut that part out. It comes off easily, simple scoring with the knife will remove it. Clean it and slide it over the #4 bolt.

Now on the other end of the case, in the middle, drill a 7/64" hole (or whatever size bolt you'll use) Make sure you have clearance on the inside for the nuts, so don't drill to close to the edge, or you won't be able to fit the nuts.

Screw the bolt (with the pen nub) into the case and secure it with 2 nuts on the inside. Hand tighten it ONLY, you don't want to crack/break the plastic pen nub.

And you're done with fabrication, simple huh!

Snap the belt onto the loop. Wrap belt around your waist and snap buckle in place.

(click picture to enlarge)

And when a chick ask you to hold her ID, money, cigs, etc...
Just spread er open and filler up (the case that is)
The finish is polished, so you can use it as a mirror as well (how funny would it look having a chick bent down staring at your crotch at a party)

(click picture to enlarge)

The case I got is a thin one, so it'll fit few credit cards/ids and money. I don't smoke so no need to fit any cigs. You can purchase a double cig case (where you can hold stuff on both side) and fill one side with cigs. "And that's where you hid the weed" - Adam Sandler

Also, make sure which side you put the loop and knob. I wear my belt clockwise (left to right), some wear them counter (right to left).

Lastly, the case is engravable (see that nice rectangle in the middle) So you can scratch your name/message/etc.. on it. I'm thinking about scribing "Place forehead here!"

Free to make for yourself.
Contact me if you want permission to mass produce it.
Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Zoolander's Cellphone DIY

Ok, today's HACK is creating a working version of Zooland's tiny cellphone from the movie.
So how do you get a tiny cellphone without being really, really, ridiculously good looking?


Simple, we hack apart a bluetooth headset!

Now, since we don't have Zooland's ridiculously amount of cash we are gonna have to shop cheap!

So what's the cheapest place to shop? eBay!!!!

Now, we don't really want to pay too much, so I set the budget to around 30 bux.

Ok, so searching eBay, I found a cheap bluetooth headset that should work.

(well not this one, but something similar)

It comes with a detachable earbud, which makes it easier to harvest the speaker, mic and on/off switch.

So, after I win the bid and wait for the postman to deliver my headset. We begin fabricating our cellphone.

Similar to model making (but you have to create your own pieces) I have to cut, form and glue pieces of styrene plastic to form the phone. Why styrene plastic? Because it's cheap and easy to work with, DUH!

But where do I start? Well you can start by watching the movie (lol) but the one in the movie looks like an old motorola startac cellphone.

So after numerous measuring, cutting and gluing I finish the body.

(Ignore the blue stuff for now, it's silicon molding material.)

Ok, the gray stuff is epoxy puddy, similar to plumber puddy. You mix part A with part B to get a playdough type clay that can be smooth with water and dries hard as steel.
In the first pic, the circuit will be in the center (duh), on/off switch will be on top of the circuit and the mic (harvest from the earbud) will be put in the lower right corner. The battery and speaker will go on the top (second pic). A circle and a square is cut to allow for extra earbud and AC charger.

Now the phone is very fragile and can't be used as it is, SO have to create a mold and cast it in liquid plastic (like resin, but semi-flexible)
So, 2 part mold is made. How is it made you ask? Well, you take the first pic and build a housing to contain the silicon molding material. You can use cardboard, but I build a nice box out of legos (you see why later). Use some oil clay to seal up the bottom and mix your molding material. Same as epoxy puddy, you pour part A into part B, mix, pour and wait till it set.

Break your housing down, flip your mold WITH the cellphone still in it and build another housing to cast the other side (see why I used legos now). Remember to coat the first mold with vaseline to prevent the new mold from bonding to it and creating a block of blue silicon.

ok, you got your mold. Mix your liquid plastic (or resin) and pour into mold. With till it's set and remove.


ah, good question. We will use the styrene plastic since its nice and flat. So cut a sheet to cover the top and bottom. For the face, cut a rectangle out and glue another rectangle under it. This will simulate a LED recessed look. Drill a hole at the top to allow the wires to run to the top. Also, drill a hole in the lower right hand corner so the mic can hear you. Just a small airhole will do. On the side, you need to drill 2 holes for volume +/- and one for the reset (if it has one)

For the top, cut a slit (horizontally) for the speaker also, you need to cut a slit (vertically) at the base to allow the battery and speaker wire to run to the base. Without it you can't open the phone up. You also need to drill a hole THRU the hinge. While you're at it, round out the hinge part so that it can open with eaze when finished. It's square cause its hard to do curves with the plastic, plus makes it harder to cast in silicon.

Ok to assemble it. You place the circuit down. hot glue the on/off switch in the center, away from the fake LED display. Now you need to figure out the pin for the headjack. You need to find the on/off switch, mic and speaker. Solder the battery, switch, mic and speaker up and glue the face down. Now use a bit of the epoxy puddy to seal up the seam. Let it dry and get ready to paint. Cover the speaker and paint the base flat black (you can use the battery & speaker as a handle while painting) Repeat for the top.

You did remember the holes for the hinge right?!
Good, a large paper clip will serve will for a hinge. You want to insert it so that the battery/speaker wires will be on top, so when you open it you can see the paper clip on the inside.
The LED and buttons were made in Photoshop and printed out. Cut and glued into place. Grab some clear nail polish and seal it in.

And you are done!

Oh, don't forget the antenna! Drill a hole and use the rest of that paperclip and some puddy to create the antenna. Turn it on by pressing the center of the phone (where the on/off switch is) and pair it up to your bluetooth enable cellphone.
Enable voice dialing and start modeling!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

F*ed Up Pic of the Day!

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