Monday, August 01, 2005

BK Chicken Fries!!

Ok, so today for lunch I gave in and tried Burger King's new Chicken Fries.
Now I was expecting alike a dozen or so chicken fries (like a box of fries), boy was I wrong.
The came in packs of 6 or 9 (ripoff)

I got the default dipping sauce, Creamy Buffalo.
Now I thought the sauce would be left over dripping from Buffalo Wings.
But it wasn't, it's sorta like that PLUS the blue cheese dipping mixed into a tangy dip. Quite Surprising.

The fries came in a box WAY TOO BIG (hint hint BK) for the fries.
The lid has a push out slot that holds the sauce for dipping.
Cool ideal till you eat them. As the number of fries decrease, the box's urge to tip backwards increase.

So instead of being the usual fat ass of holding a whooper in one hand while eating fries with the other. I have to hold the Chicken Fries box while I eat it. Granted I could've put the sauce on the table and the box on it's side, but that'll defeat the box's purpose.

The fries weren't crispy like a french fry (or freedom fries for you dumbasses)
It's kinda soft, like mozzarella sticks (but less gooey)

Final Verdict:
Good the first time, will not buy again!
Stick to the regular fries.


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